Wayne Swanson Photography | About

I am a fine art and documentary photographer living in San Diego. Born and raised in Chicago, I still cling to my Midwestern sensibility.

My photographic education began at Brownie Starflash, eventually graduating with honors in Minolta SRT 101. Formal training began with an introduction to Speed Graphic and Rolleiflex in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, followed by an internship in Nikon F as a reporter/photographer in the suburbs of the Chicago Tribune. A fallow period of newspaper reporting, magazine and book writing, and editing ensued. Then an early Nikon Coolpix entered the picture, followed by Nikon DSLRs and Fuji mirrorless, rejuvenating the photographic impulse.

I am currently recovering from too many years of chasing facts and making words behave. Using photography to take a broader view, I am drawn to images with a sense of place, atmosphere, time, memory, and a subtle sense of humor.