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I am a fine art and documentary photographer living in San Diego. Born and raised in Chicago, I still cling to my Midwestern sensibility.

I am drawn to imagery related to time, memory, atmosphere, a sense of place, and a subtle sense of humor. I like to expand my vision by going beyond the straight photographic print. Through interventions with the physical print and the use of grids, collages, and 3-dimensional constructions, I can ceate an interplay between the rational/objective and the emotional/metaphorical. In addition, my approach to photography is informed by my background as a writer. I like to examine ideas from a variety of perspectives and find a narrative thread.

I’m a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and my career has included writing and photography for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, and corporate clients. My fine art photographic studies include workshops with distinguished photographers Aline Smithson, scott b. davis, Susan Burnstine, Todd Hido, Michael Crouser, and others.

My work has been included in exhibitions at The Center for Fine Art Photography, Plaxall Gallery, Dab Art, and PhotoPlace Gallery, and the Los Angeles Center of Photography, among others. I have been featured in publications including Shots Magazine, The Hand Magazine, Lenscratch, Aint-Bad, and Float. My work is included in collections including the wall of my neurosurgeon's office. As a writer, I am a contributing editor to PhotoBook Journal.

Curriculum Vitae


Stacey Prince & Wayne SwansonPhotographer’s Eye Gallery, curated by Donna Cosentino, 2020

Contemporary LandscapeSoutheast Center for Photography, Adam Monohon juror, 2020

Living & Photographing in the Time of COVID-19Photographer’s Eye Gallery, Philipp Scholz Rittermann juror, 2020

Project XV: New Perspectives on PhotographyLos Angeles Center of Photography, 2020

Vend Arts: Material ZonesPorto Vista Hotel, curated by Laurel Siry, 1805 Gallery, 2019

Rfotofolio Call 2019Top Selections of jurors Sally Davies and Rfotofolio, 2019

(s)Light of HandPhotographer’s Eye Gallery, Suda House juror, Director’s Choice award, 2019

Urban Landscape, Texas Photographic Society, Jamey Stallings juror, Honorable Mention selection

Somerville Toy Camera Festival, Gordon Stettinius juror, 2019

Open Show San Diego at MOPA #13,  2019

Black and White, Center for Fine Art Photography, Geoffrey Koslov juror, Director’s Honorable Mention selection, 2019

Los Angeles Center of Photography Members' Exhibition, Douglas McCulloh juror, 2019

Urban Dance, Plaxall Gallery, Jonathan Blaustein, Alexa Dilworth, and Aline Smithson jurors, 2019

The Life of Water, Center for Fine Art Photography, Jennifer Shaw juror, 2019

Flawed Beings, Light Leaked, Michael Kirchoff juror, 2018

Seeing Is Believing, Lenscratch, Drew Nikonowicz juror, 2018

Click_Bait, Dab Art, 2018

Still Life: Elevating the Mundane, PhotoPlace Gallery, Honorable Mention, Kimberly Witham juror, 2018

Los Angeles Center of Photography Member’s Exhibition, Catherine Couturier juror, 2018

FOTO Fourth of July Contest, Getty Images, finalist, 2018

Shift, Light Leaked, Melissa Kreider juror, 2018


Shots Magazine, Issues 145 (Fall 2019), 144 (Summer 2019), 140 (Summer 2018)

The Hand Magazine, Issues 25 (July 2019), 20 (April 2018)

Click_Bait, Dab Art Quarterly, October 2018

Photobook Cali, Photo District News, 2011

File Magazine, 2010 


 B.S. in Journalism, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

Workshops with fine art photographers including Aline Smithson, scott b. davis, Susan Burnstine, Todd Hido, Michael Crouser, Sean Duggan, Carlan Tapp, and Philipp Scholz Rittermann 


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